Average Construction Cost of 5 Marla House in Pakistan

The cost of a 5 marla house in Pakistan varies on several factors such as plot location, material quality, labor cost, design and architect and the contractor fee. A rough estimate of a 1250 square feet house construction varies from 2.5 Million to 3.5 Million based on the above factors.

Main Expense in Construction:

the main expense in house construction is foundation of the house which involves digging and laveling. Again the cost depends on the plot soil which varies from .8 Million to 1.2 Million. The cost of foundation is very important as it is the basis of any house construction and the durability of the building depends on the foundation of the house.

Bricks or Blocks Cost:

the second biggest expense in house construction is the material , mainly bricks or blocks. it mainly depends on the design and the size of a covered-area of the house. A rough estimate suggests that bricks cost of a 5 marla house in Pakistan is around .7 million.

Roofing & Ceiling Cost:

the third most significant cost in house construction is roofing and ceilling which roughly costs around .6 million.

Finishing Costs:

the rest of the construction which involves windows & doors, floors, plumbing and electrical cost estimates 1.5 million pkr. however the quality of construction material can suggest the actual price of house construction.

Based on these estimates, the total construction cost for a 5 marla house in Pakistan can range from approximately PKR 2.5 million to PKR 4 million or more, depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the homeowner.

It’s important to note that these figures are general estimates, and actual construction costs may vary based on factors such as market conditions, location-specific costs, contractor fees, and any additional features or upgrades included in the house design. Additionally, it’s advisable to obtain detailed quotes from contractors and suppliers to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project.

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