Budget 2024-25: Key Changes Affecting Real Estate

Revised Tax Rates Based on Property Value The new budget introduces a tiered tax system for property transactions.  The tax rate now varies based on the property’s value, with higher-value properties attracting a higher tax burden. This aims to achieve greater fairness and encourage investment in mid-range housing options. New Obligations for Sellers Sellers are […]

Challenges and Opportunities in Pakistan’s Residential Real Estate Sector

Pakistan’s residential real estate sector presents a dynamic landscape brimming with potential. However, navigating this market also involves confronting significant challenges. Understanding both sides of the coin is crucial for all stakeholders, including homebuyers, investors, and real estate developers in Lahore, like TAB Developers, a trusted name among builders in Lahore. Challenges that Hinder Growth […]

How Public-Private Partnerships Can Drive Real Estate Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate sector holds immense potential for growth. However, infrastructure development, a crucial factor in attracting investment and creating sustainable communities, often faces challenges. This is where Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) emerge as a powerful tool to unlock real estate growth in Pakistan. Understanding Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) PPPs are collaborative ventures between the public sector […]

The Influence of Cultural Factors on Property Demand in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. While economic factors and infrastructure development play a significant role, cultural preferences also exert a powerful influence on property demand. Understanding these cultural nuances is crucial for real estate developers in Lahore, like TAB Developers, to tailor their projects and marketing strategies for success. Cultural […]

How Can Pakistani Developers Create Environmentally Friendly Buildings?

Development in the construction sector of Pakistan is gaining momentum mainly due to speedy urbanization and infrastructure development. But as this activity advances, it does raise a question about environmental implications.  This article looks at some of the ways Pakistani developers can build environmentally friendly buildings: Prioritizing Resource Efficiency: Traditional construction generates much waste. But […]

What Technologies Are Revolutionizing Pakistan’s Construction Industry?

For decades, traditional practices have been followed mainly in the sector, but the situation is changing rapidly. Many ambitious infrastructure projects and increasing the demand for innovation drive cutting-edge technologies to transform the way buildings are designed, constructed, and managed. These innovations transform not only the way of construction of buildings, but they further optimize […]

Challenges in Ensuring Construction Quality in Lahore

Lahore, the oldest city in Pakistan and the hub of all economic activities, is also witnessing massive growth in construction. As of now, these high-rising buildings, sprawling housing developments, and infrastructural improvements are modifying the physical expansion of the city. This is an improvement, but the major challenge is making sure that the construction process […]